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Do you feel...



worn out & tired?

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You need CLARITY!

The Clarity Process will help you

  • Overcome the Overwhelm

  • Find Clarity and Focus

  • Take Back Your Life!

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What is the Clarity Process?

I personally use this process to get clarity ALL the time on almost everything I struggle with. Anytime I have to make a difficult decision about something – personal or business related. Anytime I feel stuck, or a strategy isn’t working as I planned...I work through the Clarity Process. This is such a versatile and powerful program! That’s why it is one of the foundations of my coaching and consulting practice.

Everyone can use the Clarity Process, no matter what the problem/challenge/issue is:

  • Awareness – What is the core problem/challenge/issue?

  • Clarity – What are the options for resolution/solution?

  • Empowerment – Plan/Strategy to create ideal outcome

There are many powerful questions I can ask to get to the heart of the matter, overcome any limiting blocks, find customized solutions, and ensure the plan and strategy continue to inspire and motivate you. Awareness, Clarity and Empowerment are at the core of this process.

How can Clarity help me?

When you have clarity and focus you utilize your time more effectively, you are more present and connected to the people around you. You worry less, have less stress, more energy, more patience and love to give to the people in your life. You will learn the tools to help you be present, get proactive and take back control of your life.

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Find ways to make time for "me time" without the guilt. Self-care is not self-ish. Self-care is essential. Realize that taking care of yourself means you are better equipped to take care of everyone else. When you take the time to recharge your batteries and de-stress you have more energy and patience to deal with everything else in your life. 

I created this program because I spent a lot of my life sacrificing myself for everyone else, and it almost destroyed me. I was irritable, overwhelmed and disconnected from what really mattered to me. Through these tools I have been able to manage anxiety and depression and create a life that I love. With my support, the Clarity Process can guide and support YOU as you begin to create the life that you love!


WHAT my cliEnts SAY

"It's so easy to have powerful, transformative coaching sessions with Brandy! Her technique has an amazing way of unblocking the unlimited potential you have, and quickly changing your perspective on any situation.

How do I get started?

We start with the Clarity Workbook. This workbook is the foundation for creating your own Better Life Strategies. It walks you through a series of insightful questions to help you get past mental blocks and fears, and find the answers to what you truly desire. This will become your roadmap as you make heart-driven changes and embark on building a life that you love -- on your own terms.

Ready to Get Clarity?

Take the 1st Step and get your Clarity Workbook & Videos today!

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I've completed the Clarity Workbook, now what?

Now that your workbook is complete it's time to create the support system that will keep you motivated, centered, and on track throughout your journey.

Why is a support system important? 

People are 80% more likely to achieve their goals with REGULAR accountability and support. It's true. I believe very strongly in having accountability when you are setting new goals and patterns in your life. Old patterns are hard to break. Having someone encourage and praise your weekly progress can make the difference between having a goal and accomplishing that goal. Plus, you are much more likely to follow through on a plan when you share it with a coach or mentor.

How can I get more support?

Clarity Club is a great way to get continued support and motivation as you work towards your goals. It's a wonderful community of people who all have completed the Clarity Workbook and are working on their goals every day. 


If you want more personalized support and accountability then A.C.E. Your Life is the program for you. You get weekly coaching phone calls with individualized support, unlimited text and email support, customized gifts, guides, and tools that will help you reach your goals.  

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Clarity Club

Monthly Subscription

Only $17 per month!

Daily tips, tools, guidance, and support to keep you focused, motivated, and maintaining a positive mindset so you can succeed in your Better Life Strategies Plan

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A.C.E. Your Life

1:1 Coaching + Clarity Club

This is a personal empowerment program designed to bring lasting positive changes to your life

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