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Welcome to Better Strategies for Life and Business!
Brandy Renee, MBA, CPC

Please excuse us while this site is under construction! We are working hard to bring you access to both of these amazing brands under one roof.

This is the new home for Better Business Strategies the holistic business strategy consulting firm for established small business owners who are ready to increase profits and find balance in life. We use small shift- big impact strategies to easily improve operations so you can work smart and live well!

and our sister company 

Better Life Strategies ,a place for individuals to get Clairty about the keys to A.C.E. their life. Open your eyes to who you are in your heart and map your journey for the next 1-3 years. Build the life you want with awareness, clarity, and empowering strategies to keep you focused and growing forward. Build a life you love to live in!

*The heart and soul*

Please meet Brandy Renee, founder, and CEO/CFO. This dedicated professional helps individuals get clarity about what they REALLY need to succeed in life and business. With her expertise in both business strategy and life coaching, Brandy offers a comprehensive approach to helping people design a Roadmap to Success. The roadmap includes small shift- big impact strategies to achieve your personal and business goals with ease. With an MBA and a life coaching certification, she is a power partner for successful people who are ready to take it to the next level

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