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Brandy Renee, MBA, CPC

M.B.A. in Accounting and Finance, Certified Professional Coach (WCI)

Founder - Better Life Strategies (Life Coaching)

Founder - Better Business Strategies

(Business Strategy/Consulting/Accounting)

Founder - Aloha Business Management Solutions 

(Non-Profit Consulting/Accounting)​

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My Story​

Like many people, I have struggled with depression and anxiety most of my life. I had a lot of childhood trauma, went through a terrible divorce, struggled as a single mother, found and lost love, went back to school and earned a graduate degree, lost my mother and grandmother within weeks of each other, lost my mind, found myself, moved three thousand miles across an ocean and rebuilt my life from the ground up for the third time. I have found and lost jobs and clients, bought and sold cars, houses, and land, and started businesses - my own and for others, and lived through two (now 3) recessions.


Some of these experiences were, what Margaret Moore calls a "growth edge" (The 5 Elements of Holistic Healing). Times of intense challenge that we can either overcome or allow to crush us. As I find myself on the other side of these experiences I know I have gained incredible strength and wisdom from them. I have learned so many Better Life Strategies through it all and have been able to move forward, find joy, again and again, love myself, and build a life and businesses that I love. 

How would it feel to have someone in your corner for a growth edge? A cheerleader to celebrate your achievements and cheer you on through the tough parts. Someone to ask the right questions, brainstorm ideas, and help you build a bridge from where you are to where you are going. Imagine how powerful a growth partner like that would be! I coach/advise/mentor/consult because I know having a solid support system in your life as you encounter your growth edges makes all the difference in the world!


I earned a Bachelors in Business Administration and an MBA in Accounting and Finance from Regis University in Colorado where I was born, raised, and raised a family of my own. I have worked with private and non-profit companies of varying sizes, in many industries. This gives me the education, experience, and skills to support small businesses with Better Business Strategies in accounting, human resources, and marketing, so they can create better processes for success in life and business. I received my training as a life coach through the World Coaching Institute and am in the process of becoming accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I love empowering people! Owners, staff, friends, and family.

I currently live in Hawaii. I practice yoga, meditate, read a lot, and love snorkeling. I enjoy visiting my adult kids in San Diego, and friends and family in Colorado as much as I can. I love doing art as therapy it has uncovered a creative side I never knew lived within me. I continue to learn, live in gratitude, and grow every day. 

I decided coaching would be another way I could give back and pay it forward. My life experiences, personal and professional growth, and education have given me so many tools and strategies for building a beautiful life. If you are ready for someone in your corner, I can use those tools to help you create a life you love, build a business that serves you and others, find your joy and passion, and live in love and gratitude every day!

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