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We will update this page often with new information, tools and tips to help you transform your life. 

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Trusted Referral Partners

  • Better Business Strategies – Small business consulting, profit recovery, business growth, home of the Better Business Strategies Academy - educating small business leaders all over the world. strategies

  • Groove Pages - Websites, landing pages, sales funnels, email marketing, scheduling calendar and so much more! Groove Pages will replace many of your marketing apps saving you time and money! For a short time, you can get a lifetime membership and never pay a monthly subscription payment again. Check it out and find out why I use Groove Pages as my main marketing tool.



  • Sheryl Scott - Trusted LegalShield and IDSheild representative. Legal protection for your family or business. The affordable way to have a lawyer on retainer.

Personal Growth Resources


Finding Your Core Values - Sites to Explore

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