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Clarity Club Monthly Subscription

Clarity Club is an online community of people who have completed their Clarity Workbook and want daily support in helping them reach their goals. I provide daily tips, tools, and guidance. This support helps keep you focused, motivated, and in a positive mindset so you can succeed with the Better Life Strategies that you've created in your Clarity Workbook. I will also upload weekly video courses that will help you reinforce the new patterns you will be creating. 

Working through the Clarity Process in a group setting has many benefits. You will learn from other people's experiences and realize that you are not alone in the way that you feel or what you've been through. You will see the strength in others and be able to recognize it in yourself. Share and learn with like-minded people, get help with challenges in your life and experience the power of community support.

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Clarity Club

Online Community Support

  • Be a part of an online community that is designed to encourage and lift you up!

  • Get daily tips, tools, and guidance 
  • I will ask Power Questions to continue to create awareness and clarity in your life

  • Hear from Guest Speakers on "Hot Topics" (special topics, workshops, classes) 

  • Receive discounted one-on-one coaching calls for personalized support

  • Access to weekly Better Life Strategies video courses including:

    • Time, Stress & Money Management

    • Setting Boundaries

    • Saying No with Grace

    • Have an Affair with Self-Care

    • Mindset Mastery

    • Goal Setting for Success

    • Stop Procrastinating!

    • Keys to Staying Motivated

    • How Gratitude Can Change Your Life

    • The Importance of Shadow Work

    • Overcoming Overwhelm, and more

Clarity Club Monthly Subscription $17

Join anytime, cancel anytime

Renews automatically each month

Want to fast-track your goals?

Enroll in Clarity Club + to get even more support!

Clarity Club +

Clarity Club PLUS Winners Circle 

You get all of the support, tips, tools and guidance of Clarity Club

PLUS weekly accountability sessions (Winners Circle)

Meeting each week builds accountability so that you continue to make progress towards your goals. Our group coaching meetings are held virtually on Zoom. 


Winners Circle will:

  • Support your individual progress

  • Focus on celebrating your weekly wins & accomplishments

  • Give you additional help overcoming challenges

  • Help you set weekly mini-goals

  • Keep you motivated towards your big goals

Clarity Club PLUS Monthly Subscription $102 

Join anytime, cancel anytime

Renews automatically each month

Want to go deeper?

Give Yourself the VIP Treatment!

Get the highest level of support and guarantee your success with A.C.E. Your Life: Individual coaching for transformational change 

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