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Take Control of Your Finances with a Step by Step Plan -  Content Bundle.


Do you feel like your circumstances have taken control of your financial life?

Are you living paycheck to paycheck, just barely making it as long as things go well for you?


What happens when the air conditioner goes out, the car breaks down, or the fridge goes on the fritz? If these inevitable financial hiccups have the power to turn into major crises, or set you back so far that it takes forever to catch back up again, then you’ll be happy to discover that life doesn’t have to be this way at all!


Regardless of your income, you can retake control of your financial life and look forward to a secure future. All you need is a clear plan – based on your own circumstances – to guide you to freedom.

During this next 30 days, we’ll guide you step-by-step through your financial maze and help you make plans that put you back in control. As you follow these steps, you’ll build your financial literacy and begin to take action to set yourself up for the greater financial success you deserve.


This bundle includes:

Take Control of your Finances with a Step by Step Plan - weekly course videos

Take control of Your Finances in 30 Days with a Step By Step Plan - eBook

Take control of Your Finances in 30 Days with a Step By Step Plan Worksheet

Xcel Budget Template

30 Days to Better Money Habits Tip sheet

Budgeting: A New You Workbook and Budget Template

Where is Your Money Going? How to Uncover Your Money Drains

Managing Your Money When Your Broke

8 Money Blocks and How To Overcome them

SMART Financial Goal setting


A coach can help you take these practices deeper and provide additional tools and support to make long term changes. Check out our courses with weekly live Q&A sessions and the 1:1 coaching package in the Finacial Empowerment tab  to increase the effectiveness of these tools!

Take Control-Self Guided Bundle

  • PDF documents or MP3/MP4 video files

  • All copyrights reserved. No resale

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