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This eBook lays out a clear plan that puts all the financial information together into a step-by-step path that you can follow to turn your financial life around. It helps you acknowledge your current financial state, encourages you to know figures such as your total income and what you pay out monthly, helps you stop unnecessary spending today, and shows you a savings plan you can start now.

Also, you’ll receive information about how to pay off your debts, earn extra income, put your savings to work for your best interests, and finally do a budget. If you’re ready to tackle these tasks and really clean your financial house.


Having a coach or mentor through the rough patches can give you an ally in the fight. This relationship is one of support, encouragement, and motivation to keep on the path until you are through the other side. A coach can help you find your strengths and figure out how to apply them to the current situation to stop feeling helpless. Coaching can provide tools and ideas on how to minimize your suffering and maximize your mental resilience throughout the process. Visit my website to see if a Personal Financial Coach or group coaching sessions are a good fit for you. If you sign up for a coaching package I will deduct the cost of this eBook from your coaching fees!

How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck - A Step by Step Action Plan

  • PDF will be delivered upon purchase

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