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Courses, ebook & tools for those that dare to go it alone!  2 Courses and 5 tips and tools articles in this incredible bundle!!!


Is your small business struggling? Are you exhausted from working and marketing your business on multiple social media sites? Working more hours than you did at your 9-5 grind? Ready to stop the madness and simplify your life?  

Here’s a clue: it starts with you! Yes! You have the power to learn new strategies and tools to take your life back but still run your business. You can get mental clarity about next steps and move yourself forward!

Learn the secrets of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. You too can get clear about what you need to build a highly successful online business and thrive without the stress and exhaustion by following the step by step process. I have worked from home in my own business for 10 years. I have been where you are, and I know your pain. It doesn’t have to be this hard.

The courses will show you how to CRUSH IT with a one-person business and get the most from your body and mind. The tips and tools will help you increase your income, set up the right entity, or juggle your day job along with your online business, and keep yourself motivated! 


Mini Course 1The Productive Solopreneur 10 short videos for:

Setting goals for your new business so you can achieve them/Organizing your workplace/Maximizing your productivity/Separating work life form home life/ Dealing with loneliness (this can be a real problem for some solopreneurs)/Outsourcing, and more!

Mini Course 2 – How to Automate Your Social media - 7 videos explaining each social media platform/Customizing your game plan/Mapping it out/Automation apps/Using free automation to free up your time and more!

Gain Mental Clarity - eBook gives you the tools and strategies to get focused, gain clarity on your situation, and shift your mindset away from negativity and primes you for success. 

Tips and tools:

Best Entity Type for Your Business

3 Proven Strategies to Increase Cash Flow

Full Time Work Part & Time Business – Manage Your Time Like a Pro

5 Minute Guide to Getting More Done as a Solopreneur

15 Ways to Empower Yourself

Entrepreneur/Solopreneur - Self Guided Bundle

  • PDF documents or MP3/MP4 video files

  • All copyrights reserved. No resale

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