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Take Control of Your Finances with  a 30-Day Step by Step Plan - 6-week program

Group meets every Monday for 1 hour

  • 2 pm HT (Hawaii)

  • 5 pm PDT (Pacific)

  • 6 pm MDT (Mountian)

  • 7 pm CDT (Central)

  • 8 pm EDT (Eastern)

Begins Oct 19th - Nov 23rd, 2020   - Cost $150 

Includes weekly courses, budgeting workbook, and one 30 min individual coaching session

Fight the grind - Free Your Mind Personal Growth Group Meets every Wednesday for 1 hour

  • 1 pm HT (Hawaii)

  • 4 pm PDT (Pacific)

  • 5 pm MDT (Mountain)

  • 6 pm CDT (Central)

  • 7 pm EDT (Eastern)

Weekly donations requested - no set fee

Begins Sept 16th, 2020 

Personal growth topics covered and discussion of how they can be added to your life to be less stressed and have more happiness.

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