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Financial Empowerment

  • Tired of living paycheck to paycheck?

  • Where is all my money going? 

  • How much is in my emergency fund?

  • Debt piling up?

  • How can I save for a house or other big event?

  • How do I take control of my finances?

If you are asking yourself any of these questions, then you have come to the right place! Working together we can help you create a budget you can live with. You will learn how to set financial goals and achieve them. I can provide experienced advice and additional support that can help you make real changes that improve your life and your relationship with money forever.

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  • Do you feel like circumstances have taken control of your financial life?

  • Are you living paycheck to paycheck, just barely making it each month?

  • What happens when the car breaks down, or the fridge goes on the fritz?

  • Are you one unexpected expense away from financial disaster?

If these inevitable financial hiccups have the power to turn into a major crisis

or set you back so far that it takes forever to catch back up again,

then you’ll be happy to discover that life doesn’t have to be this way at all! 

Regardless of your income

You can retake control of your finances and look forward to a secure future

All you need is a clear plan - 

based on your own circumstances to guide you to freedom

During the next 4 weeks, we’ll guide you step-by-step through your financial maze and help you make plans that put you back in control. As you follow these steps, you’ll build your financial literacy and begin to take action to set yourself up for the greater financial success you deserve.


  • This program ensures you have the support to build a budget that actually works for you.

  • You will have expert guidance in reviewing the results and support you in adjustments that need to be made.

  • PLUS make sure you get off to a good start the second month.


Your success is our success,

so we are invested in creating a program that works

Take Control of Your Finances Program

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Program includes:

  • Take Control of Your Finances - 4 Course Videos

    • Week 1 – Setting Goals the SMART Way & Creating a budget that actually works for you

    • Week 2 – Budget adjustments & Building your savings

    • Week 3 – Paying off debt

    • Week 4 – Increasing your income. Assess & adjust the plan & stay motivated

  • Take Control of Your Finances - eBook

  • Take Control of Your Finances - Worksheet

  • 30 Days to Better Money Habits Tip sheet

  • Budgeting: A New You Workbook and Budget Template

  • Where is Your Money Going? How to Uncover Your Money Drains

  • Managing Your Money When You're Broke

  • 8 Money Blocks and How to Overcome them

  • SMART Financial Goal setting

  • Xcel Budget template

How do I get started?

Choose the bundle that best fits your needs.

Don't know which to choose? Let's schedule your Free Discovery Call today!

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Gives you the most individual coaching support

What's Included?

  • One 30 minute coaching session per week (8 total)

  • Coach Guided Courses - Coach Brandy will walk you through each course and apply these tools to your specific personal or business situation.

  • All the Bundle products listed above.

Schedule an Introduction Call

to get started! 

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Learn at your own pace

(coaching support can be added later)

What's included?

  • Learn at your own pace.

  • You will receive one FREE 30 minute call to get you started!

  • No group sessions.

  • Coaching & Group sessions can be added later if you decide you want personalized support.

  • All the Bundle products listed above.


Want to Create Your Own Custom Package?
Schedule a Free Discovery Call and we can make a plan. 
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